Jacks are auctioning off these special jerseys honoring our military.
Jacks are auctioning off these special jerseys honoring our military.

2017-18 DDB Lumberjacks Ice Hockey Jersey Auction Page





Thank you for visiting DCB’s 2017-18 Men's Ice Hockey Jersey Auction page.


The auction for the custom-made jerseys (which the Lumberjacks will wear during its February 17th game versus Jamestown, will begin on Saturday, February 17 and will continue through Thursday, March 1, at 6 p.m. (Local Time). The winners will be listed on this web page and will be notified via e-mail.


Image of Hockey Jersey Bids will be updated as often as possible - see the "updated" date and time below for the latest update. (May also be put on Facebook Page)

(NOTE: You may need to refresh the page to see the latest bids).


The minimum bid for each jersey is $90. Bids must be made in whole dollar amounts (just dollars, no cents). Bids that include cents will be rounded up to the next dollar. Winners must either pick up their jerseys in person, or pay a shipping fee of $15 to have the jerseys sent to them. Forms will be sent to the winners letting them know where to send payment and asking where they want the jersey sent.


Thank you for your support!!



* The jerseys do not have the player names on the back, just numbers.


* On Thursday, March 1, an updated auction board will be posted by 5 pm. The board will not be updated again until the winners are posted. From 5-6 p.m. on that day, bids will still be accepted, but will not be posted. The highest bid received on each jersey when the bidding closes at 6 p.m. is the winner. This rule is in effect to discourage people from trying to win the auction at the last second, since our system can't update bids instantaneously. If two bidders have both made the same highest bid, the first person to make that bid is the winner.


* We will not accept "anonymous" bids to avoid confusion if there are multiple anonymous bids for the same jersey. If you want to remain anonymous, please include a distinctive nickname or fake name so you know the bid is yours. Valid e-mail addresses are still required with all bids.


(Any comments/questions about the bidding process can be directed to Coach Rybchinski at travis.rybchinski@dakotacollege.edu)


Bidding Form will be sent to winners on March 1 (or March 2).


AUCTION BOARD. Winners will be contacted via e-mail by head coach Travis Rybchinski)


FINAL AUCTION LIST – Bidders will be notified on March 2

Thank you for your support!


#        Player                  Price              High Bidder

5              Ty Spence                           $200                      JOtts

6              Bailey Robertson              $120                       B-Tak

7              No Player                             $501                      Cyndi

8              Kolby Chen                         $125                       PC

9              Harrison Aide                     $255                      JT

10           Wade Thompson              $130                      BobT

11           Collin vanKommer           $135                      JVK

14           No Player                             $175                       MMack

15           Cody Shackel                      $225                       LS

16           Austyn Lorenz                    $150                     GC

17           Kyle Peters                         $250                       Cindy

20           Jonathon Sundell             $175                       Carina

21           Zach Garrett                       $150                       RGar

23           Wynter Cyr                         $300                       Aunty Jenn        

29           Dillon Beaudoin                $129                       Black Bart

31           Jay Pringle                           $150                       KPr

33           Garrett Rasmussen         $130                       Sandi R

35           Connor Slipp                       $110                       JO          

55           Kyler Moore                       $100                       KM        

74           Tyrell Pompu                     $150                       DP         

77           Logan Robinson                $110                       DLP

89           Cody Longie                        $150                       AmL

91           Josh Colleaux                     $140                       ThC

94           No Player                             $200                       TK




LAST UPDATED 6:00 PM – March 1