35 DCB Student-Athletes named to Dean's List and Honor Roll

34 Student-Athletes on these two lists...
34 Student-Athletes on these two lists...

Almost 3 dozen DCB Student-Athletes were named to the Spring, 2018 semester Dean's List and Honor Roll academic achievement lists.  These two lists honor all students who excelled in the classroom this spring.

The following student athletes are included on these lists.

Aaron Appleton

Quinn Billaney

Kelsey Bowers

Kailyn Brummond

Erynn Buhr

Sam Cassell

Winter Cyr

J-Cha David

Dior Dioum

Spencer Dorsey

Dylan Dougher

Madison Erickson

Francisco Flores

Abbey Franklin

Nicole Frederiksen

Zach Garrett

Victoria Gullett

Jonathan Hagrrandt Sundell

Rebecca Helmeczi

Tyrie Johnson

Karl King

Kellen Lagerquist

Tyler Legault

Tascha Livingstone

Mikhaela (Rayla) Marema

Ellie Messmr

Brody Moum

Alayna Pederson

Kyle Peters

Trent Postma

Jay Pringle

Guillermo Rodriguez

Kennedy Sondrol

Breanna Thompson

Sumondre Valier


Congratulations to all these great representatives of DCB.